shipping-softwareCertain software packages that are available today can be a great help no matter what type of business you own.

Most of the time, the investment in such software will have paid off in a rather short time.

Some software packages for businesses are even in the public domain and available as “open source” software at no cost.

In our case, any software that can make the entire shipping process easier and more efficient deserves special attention. I am talking about shipping and export software that is available in many flavours today.

What is shipping software?

Modern shipping software can come handy in various stages of the ordering and shipping process. it can help with organizing your shipping related paperwork and most importantly can provide you a constant overview about costs and expenses. Some of today’s shipping software provides real-time data about shipping costs which means that a vendor or distributor will always know about the most cost-effective way of shipping goods to whatever destination. This alone can provide dramatic cost savings.

shippingandlogisticsWhat type of shipping software does your business require?

Obviously, not all businesses are the same and what is sufficient for one company might not be adequate for the other. It’s a difference whether someone only occasionally mail out items as compared to a company that would deal with huge volumes of international orders on a daily basis.

In an effort so as that businesses don’t need to get and having to learn the use shipping software that has features that are not even required, a lot of shipping software vendors provide shipping software that is modular and can be extended should the need arise. This means that a smaller company can get a basic package with essential functionality that is affordable yet can do all they need.

If you’re not sure about what shipping software to get it is always a good idea to get some advice before you make a buying decision.

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CCTV fire detection is a fire detection technology that combines traditional surveillance technology with IR camera technology and digital imaging analysis.

It works by constantly analysing a live video feed for the occurrence of fires.

There are big advantages of CCTV fire detection over other detection methods. To begin with, a CCTV fire detection camera can spot fire and flames even from a distance. Some modern optical fire detection systems can spot small flames from several hundreds of metres away. This makes these systems in particular suitable for the outdoors or any other location where other fire detection methods such as smoke detectors would not be suitable.

CCTV fire detection cameras are often also equipped with the ability to automatically call the fire brigade immediately once a fire had been detected. With the help of GPS technology, they can provide the responders with the exact location of a fire. CCTC fire detection systems can furthermore detect multiple fires.

Where can CCTV Fire Detection Be Used?

CCTV fire detection can be used in all such locations where other methods for detection would not work. They are in particular well suited for the monitoring of outdoor locations such as forests, plantations, mountain ranges and so forth. They are also ideal for monitoring large industrial complexes, manufacturing plants, oil rigs, sports stadiums and many more.

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Perse School Cambridge

According to the latest Sunday Times “Parent Power” ranking, secondary state schools in Cambridge are being outperformed by private, independent schools in Essex.

Among the list of top schools for the East of England¬† are four Cambridge independent schools, with the Stephen Perse foundation holding position number one, followed by The Perse School, St Mary’s School and the Leys School which are also renowned independent schools in Cambridge.

The Sunday Times provides these rankings for now almost a quarter of a century. Parents can use these rankings when you want to compare schools with each other in terms of education quality.

What factors in the final ranking is percentage of pupils who are gaining A* to B grades at A-level in a year as well as the number of those students who are obtaining A* and A grades at GCSE

This year, the Sunday Times Parent Power ranking list includes 2000 schools United Kingdom, including public and independent schools. The published the annual list this past Sunday.

Among the noteworthy finds is that Cambridge’s Stephen Perse Foundation managed to climb 22 ranks up resulting that it is now at rank 18th among all the schools in UK.

The principle of the Stephen Perse Foundation, Tricia Kelleher said to the press that the school is very proud of the ranking:

“Our students work extremely hard to achieve such high grades and their commitment to learning and thinking independently is commendable. With 97.6% of our A-level students achieving A* to B grades and the Foundation sitting in the top 5% for International Baccalaureate results globally, our students have gone onto careers around the globe and with 86.1% of our GCSE students having achieved A* and A grades, they are set for a great future.”

She added: “To sit at the top of a list of schools around the region and at number 18 of 2,000 schools around the country is a great achievement and we look forward to seeing our students continuing their successes.”

For private and independent schools in the UK, this year’s ranking results are yet again proof for their excellent education quality as compared to state schools. At prep school in Herts you can learn more about the benefits of an independent school.

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The digital economy in the United Kingdom grew 72% faster than the rest of the economy, according to a recently released report by Tech Nation. The study which looked at the British economy during the previous five years found that the digital economy is creating jobs at an unprecedented rate.

In the United Kingdom, digital economy accounts for 1.56 million jobs. In the previous three years, the sector has seen a 10% growth. This is three times more than any other job market in the UK.

The study found that the average salary in this industry is among the highest, with an average £50,000. This is more than 36% higher than the national average.

Prime Minister Cameron said in a public statement that the U.K.’s “digital economy is expanding at an extraordinary pace, creating jobs and fuelling growth in regions and cities up and down the country, providing security and opportunities for working people”.

He pledged that the British government will use “all the levers” at their disposal in a continued support for technology firms in the sector.

Among those area with the highest increase in salaries in this industry are Leeds, Newcastle and Sunderland.

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Fire spotting cameras like the Spotfire are the latest when it comes to increasing fire safety with the help of high-tech technology.

Compared to older devices to detect flames and fires, those cameras have significant advantages which make them ideal for those places where fire safety had previously been a challenging task.

fire-spotting-cameraHow does a fire detection camera work?

Fire detection cameras use modern, digital image analysis that detects flame or smoke in real time.

Since they work by analyzing video rather than depending on smoke or heat sensors, this means that a fire spotting camera doesn’t have to be placed in direct vicinity of a potential fire and can also oversee and cover a much wider area.

Fire detection cameras are ideal for locations like large commercial premises or places such as stadiums and arenas. Those are locations where the complete coverage for the detection of fires is otherwise almost impossible to achieve.

For companies, fire detection cameras have another big advantage: They can easily and seamlessly be integrated into existing CCTV monitoring systems.

Since a fire camera can detect fires faster than any smoke detector it means that they can help to keep fire damage at a minimum. A fire detection camera can alert the fire brigade automatically, at the first instant and indication of flame or smoke in an area.

In my opinion, fire spotting cameras are a very good example how the latest in digital high-tech can often help to make us safer!

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A recent study has shown that the construction industry in the United Kingdom has seen significant growth this past February.

The survey showed that the Markit/CIPS purchasing managers’ index (PMI) increased, having reached 60.1 points. This is the highest level since October.

Alongside with the PMI, the British housing, commercial and civil engineering sector also shows signs of growth. This current week, another study that examined growth in the United Kingdom indicated a seven-month high in the nation’s manufacturing field.

In UK, construction amounts to about 6% of the entire economy.

Senior economist Tim Moore said to the press that these recent numbers highlight “renewed vitality within the UK construction sector”.

He added: “However, some construction companies noted that the uncertain general election outcome could prove a temporary bump in the road for new work.”

This past week, Taylor Wimpey, one of Britain’s largest homebuilders reported an increase in profits. With him, Bovis Homes, Persimmon and Barratt Developments also reported good numbers.


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