CCTV fire detection is a fire detection technology that combines traditional surveillance technology with IR camera technology and digital imaging analysis.

It works by constantly analysing a live video feed for the occurrence of fires.

There are big advantages of CCTV fire detection over other detection methods. To begin with, a CCTV fire detection camera can spot fire and flames even from a distance. Some modern optical fire detection systems can spot small flames from several hundreds of metres away. This makes these systems in particular suitable for the outdoors or any other location where other fire detection methods such as smoke detectors would not be suitable.

CCTV fire detection cameras are often also equipped with the ability to automatically call the fire brigade immediately once a fire had been detected. With the help of GPS technology, they can provide the responders with the exact location of a fire. CCTC fire detection systems can furthermore detect multiple fires.

Where can CCTV Fire Detection Be Used?

CCTV fire detection can be used in all such locations where other methods for detection would not work. They are in particular well suited for the monitoring of outdoor locations such as forests, plantations, mountain ranges and so forth. They are also ideal for monitoring large industrial complexes, manufacturing plants, oil rigs, sports stadiums and many more.

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Fire spotting cameras like the Spotfire are the latest when it comes to increasing fire safety with the help of high-tech technology.

Compared to older devices to detect flames and fires, those cameras have significant advantages which make them ideal for those places where fire safety had previously been a challenging task.

fire-spotting-cameraHow does a fire detection camera work?

Fire detection cameras use modern, digital image analysis that detects flame or smoke in real time.

Since they work by analyzing video rather than depending on smoke or heat sensors, this means that a fire spotting camera doesn’t have to be placed in direct vicinity of a potential fire and can also oversee and cover a much wider area.

Fire detection cameras are ideal for locations like large commercial premises or places such as stadiums and arenas. Those are locations where the complete coverage for the detection of fires is otherwise almost impossible to achieve.

For companies, fire detection cameras have another big advantage: They can easily and seamlessly be integrated into existing CCTV monitoring systems.

Since a fire camera can detect fires faster than any smoke detector it means that they can help to keep fire damage at a minimum. A fire detection camera can alert the fire brigade automatically, at the first instant and indication of flame or smoke in an area.

In my opinion, fire spotting cameras are a very good example how the latest in digital high-tech can often help to make us safer!

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