Almost anyone will probably know what ergonomics are, seen that almost any furniture vendor today will have the one or the other ergonomic chair in their sortiment.

Also, at work, employers today have gotten rather responsible when it comes to better work ergonomics. The fact that the UK has strict regulations for this certainly plays a role there as well but it’s moreover also a simple fact that healthier employees mean less costs and expenses.

Chances are that your employer will at some point have educated you on the importance of workplace ergonomics and safety.

But now, let’s say you are the owner of a company, how would you check your office for compliance? This is obviously not something you can do by yourself.

And this is where workplace assessments come in. What a workplace assessment is: it is pretty much what the name suggests. It means that a certified company comes to your business to inspect all workplaces and workstations for proper ergonomics. At the end they will give you a report with suggestions where and how to improve.

What important to know about workplace assessment is that there are on-site assessments and online assessments today. With the on-site assessment, they will send specialists to your company while the online assessments can be done online. The latter type of workplace assessment is done if a company has many employees where the online workplace assessment would be the more suitable option. It works like that your employees would log on to the system and then by answering questions that system can find should there be any issues with ergonomics. Normally, companies who offer workplace assessments will offer both types.

So the next time you come across ergonomics mentioned somewhere, know that there are companies out there that can do a workplace assessment for you.

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Fire spotting cameras like the Spotfire are the latest when it comes to increasing fire safety with the help of high-tech technology.

Compared to older devices to detect flames and fires, those cameras have significant advantages which make them ideal for those places where fire safety had previously been a challenging task.

fire-spotting-cameraHow does a fire detection camera work?

Fire detection cameras use modern, digital image analysis that detects flame or smoke in real time.

Since they work by analyzing video rather than depending on smoke or heat sensors, this means that a fire spotting camera doesn’t have to be placed in direct vicinity of a potential fire and can also oversee and cover a much wider area.

Fire detection cameras are ideal for locations like large commercial premises or places such as stadiums and arenas. Those are locations where the complete coverage for the detection of fires is otherwise almost impossible to achieve.

For companies, fire detection cameras have another big advantage: They can easily and seamlessly be integrated into existing CCTV monitoring systems.

Since a fire camera can detect fires faster than any smoke detector it means that they can help to keep fire damage at a minimum. A fire detection camera can alert the fire brigade automatically, at the first instant and indication of flame or smoke in an area.

In my opinion, fire spotting cameras are a very good example how the latest in digital high-tech can often help to make us safer!

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